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OCentral nervous system: meningitis, encephalitis, meningoencephalitis, myelitis, cerebral abscesses, Guillain-Barré syndrome, optic nerve atrophy, lesions of III, IV and VI pairs. Lymph nodes, spleen: lymphadenitis, enlarged spleen N. I. Ragoza identifies 4 phases: the phase of viagra infection (primary latent), the phase of acute sepsis without local lesions (decompensation), the phase of subacute or chronic recurrent disease with the formation of local lesions (decompensation or subcompensation) and the phase of restoration of compensation with residual effects or without them.

Primary-latent state of practical health. With the weakening of the protective forces, it can turn into either an acute septic or a primary chronic metastatic form. Sometimes microsymptoms: a slight increase in peripheral lymph nodes, sometimes the body temperature rises to subfebrile, increased sweating during physical exertion. They consider themselves healthy and keep working.

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There are no other signs of general intoxication. Does not threaten the life of the patient, even without etiotropic treatment, it ends in recovery. All groups of lymph nodes are moderately enlarged, some are sensitive. By the end of the first week - an increase in the liver and spleen. In the study of blood leukopenia, ESR is not increased. The main difference is the absence of focal changes (metastases). Without antibiotic therapy, the duration of fever is 3-4 weeks or more.

Chronic forms sometimes develop immediately, bypassing the acute form, sometimes after a while after the acute septic form. According to the clinic, primary chronic metastatic and secondary chronic metastatic forms do not differ. The difference is the presence or absence of an acute septic form in history. Clinic: prolonged subfebrile temperature, weakness, increased irritability, poor sleep, impaired appetite, decreased performance. Generalized lymphadenopathy is soft, tender or painful on palpation, there are small very dense painless sclerotic lymph nodes (0.5-0.7 cm in diameter).

Enlargement of the liver and spleen. Against this background, organ lesions are detected, most often on the part of Viagra system, followed by the nervous and reproductive systems. Pain in muscles and joints, mainly in large ones, polyarthritis, with a new exacerbation, metastases of other localization appear. Periarthritis, paraarthritis, bursitis, exostoses, osteoporosis is not observed. The joints swell, mobility in them is limited, the skin over them is of normal color. Violation of mobility and deformation are caused by the growth of bone tissue.

The spine is affected, more often in the lumbar region. Typical sacroiliitis (Eriksen's symptom: on the table on the back or on the side and put pressure on the crest of the superior iliac bone when positioned on the side or squeeze with both hands the anterior superior iliac crests in the supine position. With unilateral sacroiliitis pain on the affected side, with bilateral - pain in the sacrum on both sides). Symptom of Nahlas, lay on the table face down and bend the legs at the knee joints.

When lifting a limb, pain in the affected sacroiliac joint. Symptom of Larrey on the table on the back, the doctor takes both hands on the protrusions of the wings of sildenafil bones and stretches them to the sides, while pain appears in the affected side (with unilateral sacroiliitis). Symptom of John-Beer: the patient is in the supine position, with pressure on the pubic joint perpendicularly down, pain in the sacroiliac joint.

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Death from brucellosis is rare. Most of them are the result of a malfunction of the heart after the development of endocarditis. How to diagnose brucellosis? This is a complex process if the person is not at risk for the disease. In the correct diagnosis, epidemic data, the association of symptoms and the place of work of a person play a role. Where does the diagnosis begin?

To begin with, they collect an anamnesis, find out whether similar outbreaks of brucellosis have previously occurred at the enterprise in which the patient works, or at his place of residence.

Isolation of cell culture from a sick person is an important fundamental diagnostic method. To do this, take blood for brucellosis and other biological fluids. Special media are used for cell culture growth. The difficulty lies in the fact that cultures germinate for a long time - a column of bacteria grows for at least a month. What tests to take for brucellosis? Almost any biological fluid is used to determine the presence of bacteria in the blood. But first of all, they take blood, especially for serological research methods, from which RSK, RNGA, Coombs' reaction are prescribed.

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These research methods are more sensitive, they can even determine the L-forms of bacteria, but these are expensive procedures. For the diagnosis of brucellosis in humans, a special Wright serological method is also used. A titer of 1:200 is considered positive.

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Treatment of brucellosis in humans. In humans, the treatment of acute and chronic forms of brucellosis is different. In the acute form, the use of antibiotics comes first, in the chronic form - vaccines and antiallergic drugs.

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